Preparation and emergency response

Organizations must be prepared to respond to crisis and emergency situations, whether due to natural causes, industrial accident, intentional attacks or reputational crises, which can cause great damage and compromise their survival. This preparation includes the elaboration of action plans that allow the spread of the damage to be contained effectively.

However, these plans are ussually presented in formats, such as documents or files, which are very ineffective in an emergency situation, hindering an effective response and coordination.

  • Facilitates the identification & notification of incidents

  • On many occasions, people who onserve emergency situations are delayed, or fail to notify them, either because they doubt that they really constitute an emergency, or because they do not know hoy and to whom notify them.

  • Improves deployment & emergency response

  • When an emergency is declared, it is very important that the intervention teams apply the planned response actions as soon as possible. However, response plans are usually in formats that hinder their operation.

  • Empowers emergency training

  • The effectiveness of emergency plans and procedures is strongly conditioned by training of personnel who must implement them.

  • Mission Track is an aid system for emergency preparedness and response based on mobile technology, which provides support for the deployment, command and control of intervention teams:

  • - The system facilitates the notification of an incident detected by any observer through an app, allowing to report the magnitude of the incident, as well as its geolocation.

  • - The alert is notified to the coordinator's app who, based on the information and location of the incident, makes the decision to activate the planned response procedures.

  • - In case of activation, the system sends an alert to the members of the response teams, who must confirm their availability.

  • - The system sends to each response team member the instructions of the planned action procedure, and the position of the incident.

  • - The system allows the emergency control to monitor the position of the members of the intervention teams, as well as to monitor the progress of the response.

  • - Through the app, the head of the intervention team notifies the emergency control of each step completed in the action plan.

  • - The system automatically records the time of the completion of each step of the action procedure, facilitating the subsequent evaluation of the emergency.

  • Mission Track is useful to provide assistance in the preparation and management of the response in:

  • - Security Plans

  • - Self Protection Plans

  • - Interior Emergency Plans

  • - Reputational Crisis Plans

  • - Environmental Emergency Plans

  • - Business Continuity Plans

  • MTBox

    MTBox is a complementary application to Mission Track, through which users can receive notices and instructions to follow the directions of the personnel that manages the emergency.

    From Mission Track you can define communication channels through which to send notifications in the form of text messages that MTBox users will receive:

    • - Channels to which you need to subscribe to receive messages. Designed for the staff of the organisation that does not participate in emergency management, but must be notified and informed.

    • - Channels that act on the basis of the MTBox user's location. MTBox users will receive notifications provided they are in the geographical area previously defined by the organization. Designed for outsouerced personnel who access the organization's facilities, or for users or clients of the organization that can be found in the facilities at the time of the emergency.

    • - Channels that required a subscription, and also act on the basis of the MTBox user's location.